HITV 8733 B0

HITV 8733 B0



Official partner of… last-minute-date types

A last minute meeting, date or get-together… You want to look your best but you’ve got nothing clean left. Thanks to Beko’s Wash&Wear® technology, you can choose from temperature settings of 20°- 30°C and get up to 1 kg (5 shirts) washed and completely dried in less than an hour. You jump in the shower, your lucky shirt goes in the wash and voila! You’re ready to go.



You and your favourite shirt have been through a lot together, and throwing it in the washing machine is always a tough choice. With Beko AquaWave® technology, there’s no need to worry. A specially designed drum pattern, with the help of paddles, gently moves your laundry in a wave-like drum action so your clothes move smoothly around in the drum. AquaWave® glass in the door is curved too, moving the clothes more easily and giving a better mixing effect while increasing washing performance. You’ll save on energy too. You and your favourite shirt will have a lot more nights-out to come.


ProSmart™ Inverter Motor

Official partner of… energy saving fans

A single wash may not seem like it consumes much energy, but things add up over time, especially if your appliance comes with a 10 year warranty like Beko’s ProSmart™ Inverter washing machines. They keep the noise down too. Thanks to a variable, frictionless motor spin, your washing won’t disturb anyone.

General Features
Marketing Code Bilgi HITV 8733 B0 Bilgi
EAN Code Bilgi 8690842082351 Bilgi
Product Color (WD) Bilgi White Bilgi
Washing Capacity (kg) Bilgi 8.0 Bilgi
Drying Capacity (kg) Bilgi 5.0 Bilgi
Maximum Spin Speed (rpm) (WD) Bilgi 1400 Bilgi
Electronic Type (WD) Bilgi Digital Display Bilgi
Energy Efficiency Class (WD) Bilgi A Bilgi
Woolmark (WM) Bilgi Woolmark Apperal Care (Silver) Bilgi
Ball system (WD) Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Drum Pattern (WD) Bilgi Aquawave Bilgi
Side Wall Type (WD) Bilgi S-Type Bilgi
Time Delay (WD) Bilgi 0-24 h Bilgi
Remain Time Display (WD) Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Child Lock (WD) Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Durable Heater Bilgi No Bilgi
Unbalanced Load Control (WD) Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Over Flow Safety (WD) Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Automatic Water Adjustment System (WD) Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Program -1 Bilgi Cottons Bilgi
Program -2 Bilgi Cottons Eco Bilgi
Program -3 Bilgi Synthetics Bilgi
Program -4 Bilgi Delicates Bilgi
Program -5 Bilgi Woollens Bilgi
Program -6 Bilgi Hand Wash Bilgi
Program -7 Bilgi Shirts Bilgi
Program -8 Bilgi Rinse Bilgi
Program -9 Bilgi Spin + Drain Bilgi
Program -10 Bilgi Express 14 Bilgi
Program -11 Bilgi Daily Xpress Bilgi
Program -12 Bilgi Cotton Dry Bilgi
Program -13 Bilgi Synthetic Dry Bilgi
Program -14 Bilgi BabyProtect+ Wash&Dry Bilgi
Program -15 Bilgi 5Kg Wash& Dry Bilgi
Program -16 Bilgi Wash&Wear Bilgi
Auxiliary Function -1 Bilgi Prewash Bilgi
Auxiliary Function -2 Bilgi Quick Wash Bilgi
Auxiliary Function -3 Bilgi Rinse Plus Bilgi
Auxiliary Function -4 Bilgi Drying Bilgi
Washing Performance Bilgi A Bilgi
Noise Levels-Washing/Spinning/Drying (dB) Bilgi 47/73/58 Bilgi
Washing Energy Consumption (kWh) Bilgi 0.76 kWh Bilgi
Washing Water Consumption ( only full load washing) (l) Bilgi 47 L Bilgi
Height - Unpacked (cm)(y) Bilgi 82.0 cm Bilgi
Width - Unpacked (cm)(x) Bilgi 60.0 cm Bilgi
Depth - Unpacked (cm)(z) Bilgi 55.0 cm Bilgi
Weight - Unpacked (kg) Bilgi 68.0 kg Bilgi
Voltage (v) Bilgi 230 Bilgi
Frequency (Hz) Bilgi 50 Bilgi
Cable Length (WD) Bilgi 1800 Bilgi
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