A++ Energy Efficiency

A++ Energy Efficiency

A++ product consumes up to 30% less energy than an identical A product.


LED Lighting

When your fridge is full, it’s easy to forget about those tasty ingredients hiding away in the deep, dark depths. Beko’s efficient LED Lighting runs along your refrigerator’s ceiling and sides, illuminating every shelf separately and lighting the way to your next culinary creation. Now, nothing will go to waste.


ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor

What do you want for lunch? If you’re one of those always-in-and-out of-the-fridge types, it will help save on your energy bill if your fridge has a Beko ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor. That way you can open the door for a good nose inside as many times as you like and the clever ProSmart™ technology will adapt and create fewer temperature variations, cooling your food quickly and cleverly saving energy and money. On top of all that, the ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor is four times quieter than the compressor in your average fridge*. * Tested by internal labs

General Features
Marketing Code Bilgi RFNE312E33X Bilgi
EAN Code Bilgi 8690842018633 Bilgi
Door Color (RF) Bilgi Antifinger Inox - INOX430 Bilgi
Electronic Display Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Cooling System Type Bilgi No Frost Bilgi
Energy Class (RF) Bilgi A++ Bilgi
Special Crisper Bilgi NO Bilgi
Multizone Compartment Bilgi Not Applicable Bilgi
Water Dispenser Bilgi NO Bilgi
Blue Light Bilgi NO Bilgi
Display Key Lock Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Door Open Alarm Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Illumination Type Bilgi LED on Ceiling Bilgi
Reversible Door Bilgi Yes Bilgi
0°C Compartment Bilgi NO Bilgi
Number of Crisper Bilgi Not Applicable Bilgi
Wine Rack Type Bilgi Not Applicable Bilgi
Type of Egg Tray Bilgi NO Bilgi
Number of stars Bilgi 4 Bilgi
Number of freezer drawer Bilgi 6 Bilgi
Number Of Flaps Bilgi 2 Bilgi
Fast freeze compartment Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Ice Maker Type Bilgi Twist Ice Maker - without Cartridge Bilgi
Category Bilgi 8 Bilgi
Annual Energy Consumption at 25°C(kwh/year) Bilgi 255 Bilgi
Freezer Compartment Net Volume (lt) Bilgi 275 Bilgi
Temperature Rise Time (Hour) Bilgi 30 Bilgi
Daily Freezing Capacity (kg) Bilgi 20 Bilgi
Climate Class Bilgi SN-T Bilgi
Noise Level (dbA) Bilgi 42 Bilgi
Height - Unpacked (cm)(y) Bilgi 185.0 cm Bilgi
Width - Unpacked (cm)(x) Bilgi 59.5 cm Bilgi
Depth - Unpacked (cm)(z) Bilgi 65.0 cm Bilgi
Weight - Unpacked (kg) Bilgi 70.5 kg Bilgi
Connected Value(w) Bilgi 75 Bilgi
Voltage (v) Bilgi 230 Bilgi
Frequency (Hz) Bilgi 50 Bilgi
Maximum Current Intensity(a) Bilgi 0.45 Bilgi
Cable Length Bilgi 2.15 Bilgi
Min. Ambient Tempertaure Req-d For Satisfactory Operation(°c) Bilgi -15 Bilgi
Inverter Compressor Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Cabinet shelf type Bilgi Not Applicable Bilgi
Active Dual Cooling Bilgi No Bilgi
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