HII 68600 PTX

HII 68600 PTX



Official partner of… use-every-pan cooks

The Beko IndyFlex+™ Hob lets you configure your hob to fit the number and size of pans you’re cooking with. You can configure 8 independent zones to fit 2 big pans or 8 small pans. Using the right sized hob makes your food cook quicker too – all the better for pleasing the home crowd.



Official partner of… getting ahead in life

If you want to get ahead in life, you need the right tools. Beko’s clever Booster button, lets you heat up your cooking zone to the maximum temperature instantly so that food cooks quicker. Thanks to Booster, you’ll have the time and energy to get back to more important things.


Easy Lock function for safety

Official partner of… curious little helpers

Stop junior chefs with little curious fingers from getting into trouble in the kitchen with the Easy Lock Function from Beko. This feature shuts down all the hobs at once and functions as an effective child lock, so wandering fingers don’t get hurt.

General Features
Marketing Code Bilgi HII 68600 PTX Bilgi
EAN Code Bilgi 8690842864209 Bilgi
Width (cm) Bilgi 60 Bilgi
Hob Burner Configuration Bilgi 8 Induction with 2 Flexizones Bilgi
Burner Plate Bilgi Glass Bilgi
Hob Color Bilgi Black Bilgi
Hob Display Bilgi LED Display - Touchcontrol (Petek) Bilgi
Bevelled Glass Edge Bilgi No Bilgi
Timer Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Booster Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Residual Heat Indicators Bilgi No Bilgi
Display Lock Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Number of Electric Zone- Bilgi 8 Bilgi
Front Left Zone Bilgi 2x94x225mm - 2500W Bilgi
Front Right Zone Bilgi 2x94x225mm - 2500W Bilgi
Rear Left Zone Bilgi 2X94x225 mm - 2500W Bilgi
Rear Right Zone Bilgi 2x94x225mm - 2500W Bilgi
EC electric cooking Front Left (Wh/kg) Bilgi 193.64 Bilgi
EC electric cooking Front Right (Wh/kg) Bilgi 192.12 Bilgi
Energy Consumption of Electric Cooking Rear Left (Wh/kg)- Bilgi 190.31 Bilgi
Energy Consumption of electric cooking Rear Right (Wh/kg)- Bilgi 177.21 Bilgi
EC electric cooking Right Zone (Wh/kg) Bilgi 181.56 Bilgi
Energy Consumption of Electric Hob (Wh/kg)- Bilgi 185.74 Bilgi
Niche Dimensions-hob (hxwxd) (cm) Bilgi hx560x490 Bilgi
Height - Unpacked (cm)(y) Bilgi 5.5 cm Bilgi
Width - Unpacked (cm)(x) Bilgi 58.0 cm Bilgi
Depth - Unpacked (cm)(z) Bilgi 51.0 cm Bilgi
Weight - Unpacked (kg) Bilgi 14.7 kg Bilgi
Voltage (v) Bilgi 220-240 Bilgi
Frequency (Hz) Bilgi 50 Bilgi
Supply Cord Bilgi Yes Bilgi